Maintenance Service

Fast, efficient and professional electrical and plumbing maintenance

S&R provide a fast, efficient and professional maintenance service for property managers, development companies, estate agents, landlords and commercial property owners.

Our team of certified electricians and plumbers are here to ensure that your premises are up to code and running smoothly.

Systems That We Service And Repair

All of these systems we install and maintain.

Fire Alarms & Weekly Fire Alarm Sounder Test

We are happy to service and repair all makes, models and ages of fire alarm systems and can also do the live weekly and monthly sounder testing where required by the fire department. Every system and corresponding devices and detectors are required to be tested a minimum of once a year, however with bigger buildings it is more practical to test 6 monthly or quarterly.

Smoke Ventilation Systems/ Aov’s /Fire Window Operators

Test all makes of systems these can be automatic roof windows, side windows or doors that open into a shaft inside buildings. They can either activate on receiving a signal from a fire alarm system or can be a stand-alone manual system.

The purpose of these systems is to have a safe means of escape for the build-up of smoke, it lets fresh air into a corridor or stairs to clear the smoke so that people can exit safely and fire brigade can enter safely. These are highly recommended to be serviced every 6 months.


We test extinguishers yearly and can refill, re-pressurise and replace them as required due to condition, age or regulations. We keep a varied range in stock at all times.

Disabled Refuge Alarm

These systems are required to assist wheelchair users or disabled people in areas that might be far from the nearest exit and is often used on stair cases. The system comprises of a telephone fitting on all levels of the stairs/evacuation points and is connected to a station normally at the front entrance. This aids the emergency services who can respond with the necessary procedures to identify and help the person to evacuate safety.

Dry Risers

This is a pipe system that is fitted throughout a building to extend the reach of the fire brigades water supply. This helps get water coverage to all areas quickly and efficiently regardless of distance from the fire engine. There is an opening normally at the front of the building so that the fire brigade can plug a water supply into it and then plug their hoses to relevant areas. This system needs to be maintained and pressure tested for leaks annually.

Kitchen Suppression

This system is required in all commercial kitchens. We are the only Amerex agents on the island and can design and install a system from scratch or adapt an existing system to Amerex. The system is used when a fire is out of control in the kitchen, some systems are designed to react automatically and usually also have a manual operation unit. Once activated a wet chemical agent is released to extinguish a fire, this can and /or should be connected to the building’s fire alarm system and gas shut off valve. This is required to be serviced every 6 months.

Intruder Alarm

We install and service all makes of intruder alarm systems. These can wired or wireless, big or small, whatever you require.

Hearing Loops

These systems are to assist members of the public who are hearing impaired to communicate easily with the customer service desk. They consist of a microphone and amplifying loop that increases the volume level of the conversation so it can be picked up by the customers’ hearing aid. These systems should be serviced every 6 months.

Intercom Systems

We install, service and repair small and large intercom systems where numerous doors are connected with a full range of video and audio versions. They can also be used to switch external systems like garden gates, outside lights on a drive way and can be programmed to unlock doors or gates for tradesman entering at specified times.

Fire Alarm Air Sampling Detection

Test all makes of systems that sample the air as a means of detecting fires. These systems sample the air constantly and if they pick up smoke particles, they will trigger an alarm system. These are usually installed in large open spaces, storage warehouses or limited access areas.

Emergency Lights/ Monthly Flash Test

We test the system for 3 hours annually to ensure that the batteries in the emergency lights will last for the full duration required to evacuate, depending on the use of a premise.

We also do a monthly customer flash test that is required to be done. The reason for this is to check that the lamp is functional. Because if the lamp fails to operate, the emergency light will never work.

Fire Blankets

We check the condition of these yearly as required and replace or supply as needed.

Disabled Toilet Alarm

These systems are comprised of a pull cord alarm in the toilet cubical so when someone is in need of assistance they can pull the cord to activate an alarm or send a signal to a station nearby that is monitored by a member of staff.

Nurse Call

These systems are normally fitted in nursing/care homes to alert staff of patient or resident distress. This system requires a 6 month service and consists of bed push buttons, bed pressure switches, bathroom pull cords and door alarms.


We install and service a range of CCTV systems depending on the level of cover and detail required. They can be stand-alone, networked, or connected to a cloud-based system, they can be monitored remotely on laptops or mobile phones and can send notifications when a motion sensor is triggered.

Access control

We provide a range of services in this area designed to different levels of security as required. This covers everything from a stand-alone single door or a larger system with multiple doors, cards, keychain fobs, codes or facial recognition. These can also be integrated into the fire alarm system to unlock the doors automatically in the event of a fire alarm activation. We recommend annual servicing for small systems and 6 monthly for large.

Pat Testing

This stands for Portable Appliance Testing as is a requirement to be for employers to all their equipment that can be plugged in by members of staff or customers. The test itself checks if the appliance is safe to use. Landlords or others who rent equipment are also required to prove items are safe to avoid claims due to injury and or damage.

Security Lighting

These are automatic systems to turn lights on and of depending on the building security needs and areas that need to be illuminated.

24hour System monitoring

We provide a unit that can be connected to most systems. The unit can be remote monitored 24/7 and should the system have a fault or activation, or to say if a system is set and unset. Non Monitored units can be programmed to call up to three mobile or landline numbers to alert persons of any issues with their systems.

Water Leak Detection

These have a variety of applications to give early detection of water leaks.

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